Automotive Locksmithing

New Car KeysIf you need a new spare car key, you’ve lost them all, or your ignition is not turning we can help.

Getting a car key cut

Simply bring your car and car keys to us, relax at a café for an hour, then return and collect your car and new keys.

Why does it take an hour?

When we cut automotive keys, we reverse engineer the cuts of your key back to how it was when the car was manufactured. Then our computer controlled key cutting machine will reproduce the key without the years of wear and tear. This is known as cutting a key to code. This allows your locks to last much longer and can eliminate a lot of issues with ignitions. Additionally, if there is a transponder in the key we have to reproduce its cryptographic coding.

What is a transponder?

If you car is from before 1994, getting a key cut is as simple as getting a house key cut. After 1994, transponder technology was introduced into the German automotive market, 1997 for Japanese cars, and 2000 for every non-commercial car sold in Australia. A transponder is a tiny chip that wirelessly communicates with your cars computer when you start the car. If the chip is not present, or doesn’t have the correct code, the car will not start. The best way to determine if your key has a transponder chip inside is to bring the key to us and we can assess it with our equipment.

Have you lost all keys to your car?

All is not lost! We can open your car, reverse engineer a key from your lock/ignition, and diagnostically program it into your car. A little help is required, we need as many details as possible. The make and model are important, however having access to the VIN and build date is immensely helpful. If you have registration papers, they have every detail that we require. The information is important as the process to producing a new key can vary depending on fuel type, engine size, or even the month the car was built. Call us with those details and we’ll help you.

Replacement remotes

We can provide and program new genuine and aftermarket remotes. If your remote has been less responsive than usual, we can also change batteries for you.

Ignition servicing and replacement

If your ignition is difficult to turn and a key to code hasn’t solved the issue, we can repair or replace the ignition.

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