Restricted Systems

restricted key system padlock

Restricted Keys

A restricted key is a patented design which can only be cut by an authorised locksmith. A restricted key will have additional security features that a standard house key does not. The locksmith will only cut keys by people they have deemed to have authority, confirmed by signature.

Who needs restricted keys?

Anyone who needs to provide limited access to a location. Restricted systems are typically masterkeyed, this allows business owners and managers to have one key that works every lock. Employees or members of the public who are given access will only be able to access the appropriate areas. Due to the patented design, it ensures that no extra keys have been cut when the keys are returned.

Key Audit

Records of all keys and all locks are kept. This means that we can provide a list of how many of each key exists. A business is not secure if a key exists and they don’t know about it.

How to get restricted keys cut

Printable guide to getting restricted keys cut

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